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Believe in More Than Powerball

I am a huge fan of messages of inspiration.

When I first drove past a billboard with the word BELIEVE in big, bold, capital letters plastered across it, I was enamored. It caught my attention immediately. Visually, so simple and clean. BELIEVE. We all need to believe.

While I tend to be idealistic, I knew there had to be a catch. Billboards and great ad campaigns don’t exist with the sole intention of encouraging and inspiring the world.

It wasn’t until later that I found out my new favorite ad campaign was for California’s inauguration of Powerball. Really? That is what they are inspiring people to believe in? I have absolutely nothing against the lottery system, nor do I judge people who play it. It’s just not where I invest my time, money, or emotions.

Every time I see the billboards, print ads, or hear the radio spots, I initially forget what they are selling. For a minute, I wholeheartedly buy into their slogan and message:

“When you believe, the world opens up before you. The impossible is flipped on its head, and dreams become a reality. So believe. Believe that today could be your lucky day. Believe in something bigger.”

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Yes, all of those things are true! As a whole, we need to believe, have a deeper faith in ourselves, our friends, our society. We need to dream big.  We need to teach children to believe. Adults need to be reminded. Belief, reaching for dreams are hugely important.

Their print ads even integrate iconic images of historical situations in which people overcome great odds. I’m sorry, but belief in Powerball does not parallel Amrstrong’s walk on the moon.  As if kids need aren’t confused enough about what’s important in life…

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Parents, talk to your children about belief.  Encourage them to put their roots in something deeper, more achievable. We all need to believe in something more promising and lasting than a dream of winning the golden ticket.

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Please, BELIEVE in something BIGGER than Powerball!


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