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Beach Season is Never Over on Long Island

I love summer.
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It’s simply the best season to get out and take in the sights of Long Island and of course, hit up the beaches day or night! It’s high beach season where the gorgeous beaches are packed and people are dotted along the shore in the water, sitting with friends, collecting shells or dancing to live bands. It’s blue skies, blazing sun, soaring seagulls.

But wait- why do the beaches almost completely empty out in Fall? Oh sure, we have kids that head back to school. We get out of “summer mode,” I get it. But have you ever taken a long walk on the beach on a crisp Fall day? Did you ever bundle up and head to the shore on a (warmer) Winter day? I can’t even say how pretty the beach is in the Fall, especially if the side view of the shore has the changing red and orange leaves. Between the blue sky, the sparkling water, the yellow sand and the crisp refreshing air, it’s an AMAZING way to invigorate yourself, relax or recharge. It’s a place where we can reflect on our lives and solve problems.It’s that little bit of serenity after a long week. And it’s a perfect time to bring the dog or the football and have a catch with the kids. A long beach walk not only is physically good for you, it’s a big stress relief for our constantly on-the-go minds that are trying to keep up with our over-booked calendars.

Whether a beach on the North Shore and the calmer waters of the Long Island Sound or the South Shore’s Ocean waves or  ANY body of water Long Island has, like the Great South Bay or Peconic Bay, there’s no season that is wrong for the beach. Head over in the evening  for a family walk while the sun sets and your day will be complete. This was the view recently on our family walk.


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