Bay Area Adult Enrichment Classes

Time to go back to school for lots of fun and learning!
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No, not the kids—you, Mama.  Haven’t you ever wanted to learn to Belly dance?  Make sushi?  Or really learn how to garden?  Well, you needn’t fill out college applications or worry about getting a passing grade this semester, just sign up for one of the hundreds of classes offered by the Bay Area’s cities’ and towns’ Parks and Recreation departments.

If you want to learn how to move like Cleopatra, or perhaps just get reacquainted with your abdominal muscles, sign up for a Belly dance class in Danville —taught by yours truly.  As with most Parks and Rec classes, you don’t need to be an expert (or have any experience at all, really) to sign up.  We start with really basic moves and correct posture and do lots of stretching.  It’s an ideal class for those wanting to get some moderate exercise and increase flexibility without having it feel like a ‘workout’.  Throughout the session, we do a series of combinations for aerobic fitness, and learn a choreography.  We’ll also play with veils. Other Danville classes include: an Open Mosaics Workshop where you can turn old, broken dishes into something pretty; a number of language classes where you can learn to parle francais (ooh la la, tres romantique!) or take a Beginning or Advanced Guitar class, depending on whether or not you went through a phase in high school when you were going to be a rock star. Sign up here for Danville classes.

The city of Walnut Creek offers classes both through the Parks and Rec department and through their Civic Arts education classes.  For instance, if you’ve wanted to become more savvy about how to live more sustainably, Parks and Rec is offering a class in Urban Homesteading.  Or perhaps you’d like to impress your friends and kids with your new, mad sushi making skills after taking a one-night-only Sushi and Nigiri class.  Civic Arts classes include Glass Fusing and Photography and Photoshop classes—all perfect for getting in touch with the inner creative spirit that you know is lurking in there somewhere.  Go to the city’s home page here to sign up.

Piedmont recreation offers a variety of music and sports classes for kids but not so much for adults, unless however, you’ve got an itch to take a Scottish Highland Dance class—offered in a range of skill levels. Just go to the home page and select Adult Activities.

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Other cities in the East Bay that offer classes include:


Pleasant Hill and their registration form and

San Ramon

Go back to class, Mama!  Now it’s your turn.

Is there something you’re just dying to learn to do?  A skill you’ve added to your repertoire recently?

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