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Atlanta’s own Nona Sivley wins Hell’s Kitchen

Okay, so she’s really from Fort Worth, Texas, but she currently lives in Loganvilla, Georgia.
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Or at least she did until she won the Season 8 title on Hell’s Kitchen the other night. Now, she is the Head Chef of the prestigious LA Market and raking in $250,000 for the gig. Not a bad deal for a former sous chef, eh?

Chef Sivley was able to win over opposing sous chef Russell Kook from Madison, Wisconsin. Nona “played the game” without necessarily playing the game. She was strong in the kitchen, owned up to her mistakes and rarely had beef with other contestants. The only exception was fellow contestant Sabrina Brimhall – the not-so-bright, overly dramatic, doesn’t-know-how-to-cook-anything 22 year-old prep cook from Moreno Valley, California. Even with that rivalry, though, there was never any real drama that wasn’t directly brought on by Sabrina. She was drama in ill-fitting glasses, that girl.

Anyway, the point here is that a semi-local chef won Hell’s Kitchen and that’s awesome.