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Arlington Reptile Convention

This past weekend in the DFW area was the North American Reptile Breeders Conference in Arlington.
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It’s held twice a year at the Arlington Convention Center. The next scheduled show is Sept. 27-28.

Breeders from across the country set up shop to show off their reptilian friends and sell their goods. They also have speakers on various topics. The show included a wide variety of snakes, frogs, turtles, and lizards to pet and watch. Vendors were more than happy to answer questions and let you handle the more docile reptiles. It was a great place to get information if you are considering a reptile for a pet or just want to get more goodies for one you already have.

We hadn’t intended on coming home with a new pet, but {mommy} couldn’t resist the baby veiled chameleons {pictured on left, being held by my “almost” 3 year old… so you can see how small he really is}. It was a great family friendly show with lots of teaching opportunities. My oldest son now wants a pied snake, that I’m NOT entirely sure about. Especially since I know I’m the one that will be doing the actual care for the slithery guy.

If you plan to attend in September, whether to just look around or shop for a new pet, I suggest going on Sunday. One, it’s not as busy. Two, if you’re going with the intent to buy, hang around until the last couple hours of the show and you can get a REALLY good deal on supplies. We were able to get a screen cage set up {including light and greenery} for our chameleon for $50. On our way out there was one vendor that had a beautiful 20-25 gallon terrarium and stand set up, brand new in box, for $100. We didn’t purchase it, but it was SURE tempting. This is typical of trade shows, because vendors don’t want to pack up and pay the money to ship bulky/heavy items back. We also lucked out in the food department for our bearded dragon {we already had at home} and our new chameleon. A vendor booth was giving away 24-count sample packs of feeder crickets. However, they had so many left over at closing, we scored an entire case. It equates to about a couple weeks worth of crickets between our two lizards, but free is free.


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The Lego Movie

This past weekend I was invited to attend the press junket at Legoland for“The Lego Movie”,due to release on February7th