Animal Jam Codes + Free Valentine’s Day Printables

Your favorite Animal Jam fans can download these adorable cards right in time for Valentine’s Day.
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Bonus: You can share these Animal Jam codes with your friends and they can snag 500 gems when you use the code “BestFriends”!

You can keep the fun going offline by printing out these Valentine’s or “Friendship Day” postcards and sending them to all your pals. Keep the fun going even after Valentine’s Day.

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Every year Animal Jam hosts a Friendship Party and Friendship Festival within the game coinciding with Valentine’s Day. These events start rolling out in the game between January and March. “During this event various parts of Jamaa are decorated with friendship-themed items. Like most other events, Jamaa Township receives most of these decorations. Also, many of the stores sell exclusive items that are available only during this event.”

Have fun and don’t forget to PLAY WILD!


About Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a safe and exciting online playground for kids who love animals and the outdoors. Players create and customize their own animal characters and dens, chat with friends, adopt pets, team up for adventures and feed their curiosity about animals and the natural world around them.

What Are Gems?

You can use your Animal Jam codes to be redeemed for gems within the game. Gems are the main currency in the Animal Jam game. “Jammers” can use gems to buy accessories, den items, and even adopt adorable pets!