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Angry Birds Party Activities

Recently a flock of angry birds took over our back yard and demanded a party!
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Who am I to stand in the way of a good time? The Angry Birds party was scavenger hunt style, with each clue leading to the next activity. You know how much I enjoy a good scavenger hunt!

I like to start parties with the Cub Scout trick of a gathering activity. A gathering activity is something that doesn’t take a lot of explanation and people can jump into as they arrive. Our gathering activity was designing our own Angry Birds and deciding what powers they have; one of the new birds had the power to grow tower-destroying vines where it landed.

The first clue led us to an energetic pig stomp. Our quotes from the Book Theme Partywere so popular that we recycled them inside green balloons with pig faces. The party-goers stomped (or sat) on the pigs until they popped and read entertaining quotes from the likes of Albert Einstein and Groucho Marx.

Our next clue took us to the backyard for a hands-on game of Angry Birds using boxes, blocks and Littlest Pet Shop animals. There were points for knocking down pigs, part of the tower and having birds left. (I don’t think anyone knocked everything down and still had any remaining birds.)

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A clue led us to the gifts and then on to an egg and spoon relay game. Instead of dealing with the mess of running around with real eggs in spoons, we used leftover plastic Easter eggs.

After the race, the teams got even more competitive in a bird battle. We used a rope to divide the lawn in half and placed balls in the center. The teams tossed the balls to the other side, trying to end up with the least balls when the timer went off. One team used the strategy of hoarding balls until the final count down, then dumping them on across the line!

The final clue led us to the cake just as our party time was ending. I think those Angry Birds were a little happier when they left!

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