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An art exhibit kids can run through in downtown Salt Lake

Right next door to the Capitol Theatre (on 50 West and 200 South) there is the most curious art exhibit.
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Instead of the once vacant lot, there are now 1,000 flexible poles covering the grounds–sort of like a grey field of tall grass. My daughter and I ran past the display on our way to see Mary Poppins. The first thing she said to me at intermission was, “Can we go back outside to look at those poles?”

Lots of kids must have asked their parents the same thing because parents and children were running back and forth through the gravel, playing tag and watching the reaction of the poles to one another. It is just really cool.

It’s called “Swayo” by artist Daniel Lyman. According to the plaque in front, the lot is the future home for the new Ballet West building. In the meantime, the Young Architects Forum decided to hold a design competition.  They said they wanted to create a “refuge in our city that would create an extraordinary experience.” Instead of an annoying vacant lot, they believed it was possible to create “something special. Something that people in the city could engage with.”

Mission accomplished. Something free, fun and different to do in the city.

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