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Amy Schumer Announces Pregnancy (With A Side Of Political Activism)

Babies make everything get out and vote!
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I'm a huge Amy Schumer fan for a variety of reasons I don't care whether you agree with or not, so there's that.

Amy's had a huge year - getting married in February and dedicating a huge chunk of her time and efforts into social and political activism, even getting arrested in protest of the Kavanaugh hearings earlier this month.

In fact, her pregnancy announcement came as a teaser on her page:

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where she sent followers to the Instagram Story of former White House Chief of Staff, Jessica Yellin, and the happy news was listed in tiny print at the very bottom of a recommended list of midterm election candidates.

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Congrats to Amy and Chris!

And don't forget to VOTE! These are the maybe the most historic midterm elections in history, let your voice be heard!


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