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Amping Up for Gulliver's Travels

The text message asked if I wanted to fly to L.A. for a Gulliver's Travels press junket. And would I like to meet Jack Black, Jason Segal and Emily blunt for interviews? Of course I dropped everything in my life and got on that plane.

Like everyone else at this time of year, I'm wondering how it's all going to get done before Christmas. Then I received a text message asking if I wanted to fly to L.A. for a Gulliver's Travels press junket hosted by FOX. And would I like to meet Jack Black, Jason Segel and Emily Blunt for interviews? Of course I dropped everything in my life and got on that plane.

It wasn't a terribly difficult decision. I have a 17-mo son who screams like a banshee and live in a place where it was 10 degrees that week. L.A. with a quiet bedroom and 72 degrees? I'M SO THERE.

First off, you moms will appreciate my flight: It was alone. I read a book and listened to my ipod for 7 hours of travel. My bag consisted of No Diapers.

Then I got to LAX airport, stepped out of the secure area and saw a suited driver holding a card: E. FEHRMAN. That's me! He introduced himself as Amad and escorted me to an awaiting Lexus SUV. I donned my black sunglasses and settled in for a ride. But I'm not used to being chauffered. He asked if I wanted music or a different temperature. I was like, "Whatever you want, dude!" He's the one who has to be in this car all day. I talked to him about his family and moving to America from Armenia. He's a mechanical engineer and needs to improve his English enough to take some tests and regain his professional status here. He'll be a success, I'm sure.

Then we pulled up to the Four Seasons Hotel, Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. Here's the entrance. Ooo-la-la!


(entrance & lobby photos provided by the Four Seasons)


Then I got to my room, #1014, died and went to Heaven.

(above is my picture; below is the mirrored view provided by the Four Seasons)


There wasn't much time spent here, but I did have a per diem ($) that allowed me to raid the mini-bar, guilt-free. Then it was time to get dressed for the movie screening and dinner.

Oh yeah, @TM_Erin, you know I pulled out my red pants! Boo-ya!

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Back out in the lobby, I met a few other bloggers who were also waiting to leave for Gulliver's Travels: Kim Grundy and Colleen Padilla. As we were standing there chatting, Taylor Swift entered the lobby and stood about 6 feet away. SERIOUSLY! We were dying. She was as pretty and angelic-looking in person as she is on TV.

We asked her body guard if we could take a picture. He said, "Not now. Thank you for your respect."

Taylor got into her car and took off, and we were still standing in the lobby near a hot cider table. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jeff Bridges! THE DUDE! I literally had goose bumps at this point. My husband and I L-O-V-E The Dude. We asked for a picture and he kindly obliged.


So we finally stopped geeking out over celebs and went to the movie at the AMC theater. Gulliver's Travels was my first 3-D movie experience and it was very fun. It opens on December 25 (Christmas Day). But more on that later!


After the movie, we headed back to the hotel for dinner at Culina. I thought I ordered a pasta and lobster dish, but when it came it was actually a giant lobster with antennae hanging off the plate. I was mortified. Eating a dinner like that takes work. Eating a dinner like that in front of 9 women you just met? Well, I guess that takes balls. But I did it and it was quite good.

By this time it was pretty late given our time zone difference, so most of us retired. When I got to my room, turn-down service had been there and "At Last" was softly playing on the radio. I jumped into that big fluffy king-sized bed and slept like a rock...

...until my eyes popped open at 5:30am PCT, which is 8:30am to my EST body. The benefit? Sunrise!


Next up: Breakfast. Thanks to that per diem, I got to order the Most Expensive Breakfast I've Ever Eaten. It was gorgeous and delicious and yes, I ate it all.


After this I was well-fueled to begin interviews with 3 of the Gulliver's Travels stars: Jack Black, Jason Segel and Emily Blunt.

Stay tuned for my post about them!


What celebrity sightings have you had in your life? Please share!



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