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American Idol Live Concert Recap

Throughout the entire American Idol season 11, there were three people I continually gushed over:
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  1. J-Lo with her ridiculous amount of gorgeousness, 2) Joshua Ledet with his talent beyond his years and beyond beyond and 3) Phillip Phillips with his je ne sais quoi that made me feel like I was a tween again. So, although J-Lo did not make a surprise appearance at the American Idol Live show last week at the Valley View Casino Center, I was over the moon with excitement to see Joshua and Phillip perform live. And let me tell ya, they did NOT disappoint! In fact the night will certainly be recorded as one of the highlights of my year.

I was lukewarm about the first act, except for Erika Van Pelt singing Glitter in the Air, which is one of my favorite ballads of all time. If she had performed that song on in the Idol competition, she would have gone farther. Heejun, DeAndre (who is dating Jessica, did you know that?), and Skylar’s country twang left a little to be desired.

But then, finally, just before Intermission, Colton warmed up the place with his Flock of Seagulls meets Switchfoot thing, and treated us all to Piano Man, Meant to Live and one of his original songs called Never Again that will be coming out in the Fall.

Act Two was packing heat right from the start though. First, Jessica got the crowd going with a Beyonce jam, and then got me goin’, with air guitar and all (see photo) with her feisty rendition of Proud Mary.

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Then came, Joshua Ledet, and oh my GAWD, can that guy sing? He performed the Bruno Mars song, Runaway Baby and got us all grooving in our seats and then he busted out his mountain-moving rendition of This is a Man’s World that earned a five-minute standing ovation from the audience. I felt like I was watching history in the making in that moment. He is someone to watch, fo sho.

And then . . . Phillip Phillips took the stage, with his scruffy chin and charismatic guitar pickin’, and the night was sealed with a kiss. He sang five songs in a row that were absolute show stealers: Superstition, Nice and Slow (the haunting remake of Usher’s song), Somebody That I Used to Know with Elise Testone, Volcano (the song that clinched his win on Idol) and then what has become the anthem of the Olympics and the entire year, Home, with Colton Dixon and Deandre Brackensick.

The crowd went wild for all of Phillip’s numbers and it was quite apparent that night that we was absolutely the right one to win the title of American Idol.

The finale of the show was comprised of some group pop numbers, Raise Your Glasssung by all the girls and then Glad You Came by the entire gang. Everyone was out of their seats dancing and having the a blast. I was definitely glad I came.

Another highlight of the night was hanging out before, during and after with my cousin Kathy and her husband, Mike. Mike had posted a copy of the set list on his blog, so we were able to gear up before each song. He posted his review of the show as well so check that out here.

There are still several performances left around the country, so click here to check tour dates and cities, and get tickets if you have a chance because, though there are a handful of less than stellar performances, the moments above are worth every penny, and then some.


Disclaimer: I was given four complimentary tickets, by the fine folks of the Valley View Casino Center, to see this show but the opinions expressed here are all mine. And did I make it clear enough how in love I am with Joshua and Phillip?


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