American Exhibition Debut of John Zamudio

”You Are My Savior” Artist John Zamudio at his American exhibition debut
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The American exhibition debut of one of the most famous Latino painters of Christian paintings, John Zamudio, is now open to the general public.

I had the privilege of attending the opening reception last week, and got to visit with John Zamudio. His paintings are emotional and inspirational, and depict a side of Christ that no other painter has shown before.

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Upon entering, my eyes were immediately drawn to a painting of Christ holding a small child. Upon closer examination, I noticed that the child had a small cleft lip. The painting shows a lot of emotion that isn’t seen in many paintings.

“All painters used to paint only perfect children, in many ways,” Zamudio explained. “For me, perfect lies inside. The name of the painting is ‘You Are My Savior’. Whatever you have, if you are sick, or you are impaired, this is the purpose of our Savior. The boy in the painting is really happy and feels really protected with the Savior. I wanted to paint this because I wanted to show people that all of us are brothers, even despite our differences.”

Zamudio has been painting since he was five years old, but decided to be a “real painter” about ten years ago.

“When I decided to paint Jesus Christ, my life changed in many ways,” Zamudio said. “I prefer to paint Jesus Christ because behind each painting, there is a teaching; there is a legacy.”

The public can view John Zamudio’s paintings now through Friday April 5, 2013. The exhibit will be open Monday through Friday 3pm to 5pm, at the U.S. Translation Company and Consulate of Peru in Utah, located at 320 West 200 South (Third floor) in Salt Lake City. Admission is free.

You can learn more about John Zamudio and his paintings on his website, and like him on Facebook.

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