Ali and Rachael's Essential Dave Matthews Band Playlist

On the podcast Ali and I talked about our joint LOVE of Dave Matthews Band. As promised, here are our favorite songs:
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I talked with Ali Edwards on the Today's Mama Podcast. She's the brilliant creator behind We talked about when our stories don't go the way we think they should and learning to love a "normal" day. You can catch the full interviewHERE.

On the podcast we also talked about our joint LOVE of Dave Matthews Band. As promised, here are our favorite songs:

Ali's Top 10

I don’t even have reasons for all of these - just love them because they speak to me for some reason that I can’t even articulate. There are so many that I love to sing along with.

  • Crush
  • Loving Wings // this is "our" song and we used it in our wedding
  • 41
  • Stay Or Leave
  • Grey Street
  • So Damn Lucky // a soundcheck for this played right after Aaron proposed to me in Mexico (we were there for concerts)
  • Bartender
  • Mercy
  • Crash Into Me // reminds me of college + all that kind of good stuff
  • Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin) // new song that I just love

Rachael's Top 10

  • Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin) // This one goes at the very TOP of my list and I've cried several times listening to it.
  • Crush
  • Crash Into Me // LIVE Europe 2009 (which includes my favorite line of song ever penned: "I'll be your Dixie chicken if you'll be my Tennessee lamb"
  • Where Are You Going // On my birthing playlist for my oldest
  • Lover Lay Down // Reminds me of my senior year of high school
  • Stay
  • Gravedigger
  • Proudest Monkey // I like to tell stories about this monkey while we're listening on road trips
  • I'll Back You Up
  • Here On Out

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