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A Valentine’s Day Dedication, “Ethan in my Heart”

Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy our final mix - a sweet dedication from a wife in love.
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Editor’s Note: Since there are few ways better suited for saying “I love you” than through song, I thought I would invite a few friends to share their preferred collection of songs for celebrating L-O-V-E.

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Day 14 Mix: A Valentine’s Day Dedication, “Ethan in my Heart”

The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side, Magnetic Fields
The first time I met my husband he was riding a BMX jump bike. Naturally this song is one of our favorites. This song is about a car, but an ugly car is quite equal to a BMX jump bike.

California Stars, Wilco
I adore Wilco, especially this one. Long ago before I was married I used to read a fellow techie’s blog. Back then only nerds had blogs. His wife and child were in California while he stayed in Utah to work endless hours on a large project. This song came on and guess what he did. Dropped it all and drove all night until he saw his wife in California. Swoon!

Here, There and Everywhere, The Beatles
And almost every other song by them... My favorite line “changing my life with one wave of her hand”. Honestly.

Our Harry, The Innocence Mission
Everything about the Innocence Mission = love to me. This one reminds me of family, my own, very old and very young, and the family I am growing. Surely you have an old photo with your grandparents just like the opening line: “We will squint into the sun/ Waving madly at the camera”.

Are You Tired of Me My Darling, Nanci Griffith
A very old bluegrass song, Nanci’s is my favorite version. Her life is a heartbreaking story, making the fact that she recorded this song even more meaningful. In my eyes it is clear the answer to the question, of course not my dear, of course not.

Tell Her, Del Amitri
I’ve learned the number one rule in marriage is it’s not about you. Love is about apologies, no matter what that old movie says. This is an especially sweet sorry.

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I’m Yours, Jason Mraz
I don’t have a lot of Jason Mraz, I should probably find more, because I adore this song. I found it in an especially difficult time and it made me sigh, smile and tilt my head so quickly I immediately bought the song on my phone. Hopefully it makes you love-happy too.

Kathleen, Josh Ritter
This Josh kid, his lyrics are h-e-a-v-y. The love songs are swoon-heavy. Seriously. “All the other girls here are stars/You are the Northern Lights… They try and they try/ But everything that they do/ Is the ghost of a trace/ Of a pale imitation of you”. Who doesn’t
want to hear that!

Dean Martin
Yep, all of it.

Svefn-G-Englar, Sigur Ros
No idea how to say it, but I love it. My dad is Icelandic and could tell you, but really it has nothing to do with the lyrics. It’s dreamy romantic dance slowly music and we played it at our wedding reception, much to the chagrin of everyone over 30.

Do You Realize, The Flaming Lips
I have always thought of this as a song to sing to my children, but it works for Valentines Day no question. I think it’s about appreciating every moment you have with the people you love. That, and having beautiful eyes, like my kids.

Apron Strings, Everything But the Girl
Tell me you’ve seen She’s Having a Baby. A little before my time, but thanks to my friend Amy, it’s one of my favorite movies. Love is about who you share your love with, we share with our kiddles, my apron string owners.

God Only Knows, Joss Stone
I know, but I like her version better than the Beach Boys one. (Top secret, I even like the Mandy Moore version better!) A classic sappy love song, it’s perfect for this classic sappy holiday.

Gotta Have You, The Weepies
Remember when you were just staring to date? Remember the can’t see each other enough stage? This song is that, and happily still relevant in very old love stories. Anyway, The Weepies can do no wrong.

At My Most Beautiful, R.E.M.
“I save your messages/ Just to hear your voice”. Tell me you never did that. “You always say your name/ Like I wouldn’t know it’s you”, sigh, it’s the simple lines that kill me.

I Walk the Line, Johnny Cash
I’d heard this song a million times before I actually listened to what Johnny was saying. He’s good for her, he walks the straight line just for her, and clearly it’s hard for him. But it’s worth it. “Yes I’ll admit that I’m a fool for you”. What a guy!

The Luckiest, Ben Folds Five
Officially this is our song, mine and Ethan’s. It probably belongs to many couples. I quite like Ben Folds and this song is just right.


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