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A Storybook Park: Meridian Playground

There are so many things to love about Meridian Playground in the Wallingford neighborhood.
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Its location, play equipment and charm give it a unique feel among Seattle parks.

You can’t see the park from the street, it sits behind a high stone wall that circles nearly an entire block. This is great, because not only do I not need to worry about my kids wandering towards the street, without cars passing by, it feels like a quiet country park.

The playground sits in front of the Good Shepherd Center. There’s usually plenty of parking in the lot behind the center, which is accessible from Sunnyside Avenue. The play area has two levels, one for toddlers, the other for big kids. While the features are familiar: swings, slides, climbing equipment and sandboxes, it is unusual that there seems to be two sets of just about everything. No need to wait for a swing at this playground.

A spacious field on the other side of the playground is a great place to run wild. Scattered trees provide shade, but leave plenty of space for games. There are also lots of picnic tables, some with grills.

While I love all these features and the overall beauty of the park, the thing that makes it truly special is the art. Meridian Playground has a storybook theme. There’s a brick wall surrounding the main play area, and on each post there is a colorful metal figure from a children’s story book. I have to admit I didn’t recognize a lot of them, but there was no mistaking the orphanage from the Madeline stories:

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I also love the Good Dog Carl statue:

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As an added bonus, the Seattle Tilth test gardens are on the same property, south of the playground, and are often open to the public.

This lovely park is special enough to warrant a visit even if it is out of your neighborhood. Share your experiences in the comments if you have already visited!

Meridian Playground

4649 Sunnyside Ave N

Seattle, WA 98103