A Mix for Memory Lane

Through Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing a new love song mix every day. Today, Erica Fehrman takes us on a musical waltz down memory lane.

Editor’s Note: Since there are few ways better suited for saying “I love you” than through song, I thought I would invite a few friends to share their preferred collection of songs for celebrating L-O-V-E.

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We’ll have a new mix, every day through Valentine’s Day. You can see them all here.

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Day 9 Mix: A Mix for Memory Lane from Erica Fehrman

Some songs are quintessentially romantic, but most tug at the heartstrings for personal reasons. A song playing during a first kiss; one providing background during an argument or a make-up; the tune that made you cry when your boyfriend was away for the summer. The perfect "love" playlist is probably one that begins flirtatiously and then mellows out, but mine doesn't provide the perfect arc. Looking at my list, I realize it's as much a geographical story as it is a love story between my husband and me. The song we danced to in my cramped college apartment in Indiana; the Coldplay song we heard at the Chicago Theatre concert; the Bluegrass music played at a festival in Utah while our 1-year-old danced nearby; the one we held hands to while driving cross-country to our new home.

This list is a piece of my story. Have fun celebrating yours this Valentine's Day!

Oh! Darling, The Beatles
One More Minute, Chatham County Line
Sparks, Coldplay
The Jealous Kind, Joe Cocker
These Arms of Mine, Otis Redding
Together, The Raconteurs
Nude, Radiohead
See You Around, Scott Blasey
In a Little While, U2
She's a Jar, Wilco


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A Love Song Mix A Day: Songs For Our Family

This is a mix of songs that fill our house with love. Songs that our kids play. Songs we turn up when we’re together in the car. Songs that were playing when my daughter was born last year, and yes, songs that my dear husband and I love.

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Love Gone Wrong Mix

Through Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing a new love song mix every day. Today’s mix is in honor of those bad boys in our past...the one’s that make us feel a wee bit...angry.