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9 Things You Need To Do With Your Lady Friends {Like YESTERDAY}

9 Things You Need To Do With Your Lady Friends {Like YESTERDAY}
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This post is for all you mamas looking for some solid girls night out ideas, or those that just need a quick kick in the pants to make it all happen.

Listen, maybe you’re all ready good at these things. Taking all the time you need for yourself, getting out for some ME time, taking care of YOU. For those of us lost in the motherhood hustle, here are some of the best ways to spend time with your lady friends!

One of the key components — it’s time to start saying YES. 

As moms, I think we’ve gotten used to saying NO all day long.  We end up saying NO to ourselves inordinately as well. Here’s your friendly reminder of things to SAY YES to. 


Do I sound like my mother? Who does a “potluck” anymore. Me and my friends. And it’s the best (especially if you have friends who can cook  . . . or friends who know where to buy the good foods that they can’t cook).  We do an annual “Friendsgiving”, birthday dinners, or random get togethers just because. 

Dance The Night Away

For me, the opportunity might present itself like a rare eclipse — but when it does — YOU MUST DANCE! Don’t sit it out, hit the dance floor and request all of the best 80’s and 90’s songs to get your feet moving.

Will you wake up feeling like you are 120? Probably. After my most recent dancecapade in Whistler Canada, I woke up with sore knees, hips, neck and back. Ibuprofen was in order (and a trip to the spa was probably justified too).  

Hit Up A Concert

I just reignited my concert going a couple of years ago and kicked things off with an epic Coldplay concert. I’d forgotten how amazing concerts are. They do something for the soul and there’s scientific proof it will make you live longer

Plan in advance for your favorite bands or simply decide to say YES next time someone has an extra ticket. My new philosophy on concerts is to just say YES. 

Get Out Of Town

Ever been to Disneyland with your girlfriends? No kids? It’s life changing. 

Whether it’s Disneyland, an epic road trip, a work trip turned weekend getaway or a jaunt to a hotel downtown with your gal pals to get away for just a night, some vacation time with your girl besties is just what the doctor ordered! 

Eat All The Things

Let’s be honest, it’s easier to hit up all the best restaurants WHEN YOU ONLY HAVE TO PAY FOR YOURSELF. And really, we’re never going to drag our kids to those places. That foodie bucket list you’ve got should be shared {and executed promptly} with your besties. 

Say Yes To Questionable Spa Treatments And Experiences

I mean, use your best judgement right? But some of the best {and funniest} spa experiences with friends have been the most random things we’ve done. 

On a recent work trip turned girlfriend getaway we ended up in Jamaica at an incredible spa. They had a hydro treatment that required us to move through all sorts of different experiences including jumping in to an ice cold pool {screaming our guts out}. 

That Chinese massage parlor on a random corner in Portland was the best spur of the moment decision I’ve ever made. 

The weird float spa pods that I talked everyone into were magical. 

That one time I talked my friend into doing some sort of colon cleanse because all of the other spa appointments were too booked was the most epic comedy recorded in history. It’s too messy to discus here, but let it be know that I will laugh until I cry every time she retells the story. 

Take Up A Sport

Let’s be age and ability appropriate. You might still be ready to rock an indoor soccer team or maybe it’s a bowling league. Tennis or golf anyone? Swimming or yoga? Racquetball? There is something out there for EVERYONE and time making your body move is time well spent. It’s even more tolerable with friends. 

Play Games

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I mean, choose your speed. Your crew might be perfect for Bunko or a simple card game . . . OR Cards Against Humanity might be more your speed (only to be played when your children are 1,000 miles away from ear shot).  This game is rated R for Rad {and adult language and inappropriateness}. 

A Tuesday Afternoon Movie

Yep. You’re right. The theatre will likely be filled with the iridescent swoops of the glowing grey hair of the retired community. And you. You should be there too. 

Grab a babysitter, get your kids to school, take the afternoon off of work, grab your friends and PLAY HOOKIE! Catch a cheap movie and grab some good lunch. It’s amazing. 

BTW This Post Is Brought To You By One Of The Best Ladyship’s Out There

Melissa and Maya. 

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They are the FUNNEST combination to watch together on screen. Melissa McCarthy’s new movie “Life of the Party” hits theatres this weekend and there is plenty of role modeling for what good friends do for each other. Things like play raquetball together, represent each other in legal situations, throw the perfect one liners at your ex, and encouraging you to spread your wings and fly (right back to college).

Here’s the thing. I got super lucky and was able to attend the premier of Life of the Party. I got inches of make up applied to my face, curls in my hair, and hit the red carpet in Auburn Alabama with loads of college kids from Auburn University (Go War Eagles)!

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Look up there! There’s Melissa McCarthy and Julie Bowen, with a bunch of other amazing bloggers and lady friends. Melissa told me she liked me dress, so I guess we’re pretty much best friends. 

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My only regret is that I didn’t have all of my lady friends with me. We would have died laughing together! Instead, I was dying laughing next to @FunnyAsianDude, one of the guys IN the movie — who was WONDERFUL but probably a little freaked out because I almost punched him several times as I was dying laughing (and clearly punch people when that happens to me). 

I saved photos of all the action on our Instagram page @TodaysMama — just look at our highlighted stories and you’ll see “Life of the Party” click through and you’ll see shots from the red carpet, the stars, the after party, the whole thing! {I’ll try to embed the video here but Instagram is being feisty and it won’t let me download it!}

Life of the Party is definitely the next Tuesday afternoon movie or Friday night out with your ladies that you need to schedule ASAP. {And if you are catching this late, it’s a great movie to pair with your potluck}! No excuses, get out there and have a girls night!

Bonus! Check out this fun interview with Melissa and Maya over on the LA Times! I heart them. 


This Mother’s Day weekend, Melissa McCarthy is the Life of the Party.

Melissa McCarthy stars as an old school mom who creates a whole new life in

LIFE OF THE PARTY – a hilarious comedy no mom should miss – in theaters just

in time for Mother’s Day!

When her husband suddenly dumps her, longtime dedicated housewife Deanna

(McCarthy) turns regret into re-set by going back to college…landing in

the same class and school as her daughter, who’s not entirely sold on the

idea. Plunging headlong into the campus experience, the increasingly

outspoken Deanna-now Dee Rock-embraces freedom, fun and frat boys on her own

terms, finding her true self in a senior year no one ever expected.

Rated PG-13

Official Channels – #LifeOfTheParty

Visit the Official Website

Like ‘Life of the Party’ on Facebook

Follow on Twitter


Disclaimer: As I mentioned, I got to attend the Life of the Party Premier in Auburn, Warner Brothers covered my travel and hotel,  I loved the movie and wanted to share!


Girls Night Out Ideas For Moms

9 Things You Need To Do With Your Lady Friends {Like YESTERDAY}

This post is for all you mamas looking for some solid girls night out ideas, or those that just need a quick kick in the pants to make it all happen.

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