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The Today's Mama Podcast

The Today's Mama Podcast - A Parenting Podcast With Rachael Herrscher
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We’re launching the Today’s Mama Podcast! A parenting podcast featuring our funny, curious, and thoughtful founder, Rachael Herrscher, focused on talking about how we care for the things we care about the most. Parenting advice, tips, and inspiration from smart parents, for smart parents. Our first guest is Angela Santomero, Creator of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Blue’s Clues, and Author of Preschool Clues. We’re discussing parenting (how preschoolers and teens are basically the same) and how to choose media and set boundaries. Listen wherever you find your favorite podcasts—take us with you this summer on your road trip, to the beach, or on your daily walk. We want to be best friends. For reals.



Episode 1: Angela Santomero

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Episode 2: Laurie Berkner

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Episode 3: Brittany Watson Jepsen

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Podcasts for Teens

The Podcasts I Make My Teenagers Listen To

I make my kids listen to 4 podcasts a month as their cell phone "payment". It's simple, $35 or 4 podcasts? They choose podcasts every time. Here's the big list!

Podcasts for Kids

The Best Podcasts for Kids

One of the ways we connect as a family is by listening to podcasts for kids. We are living in a golden age of kid-focused “infotainment”—there is SO MUCH good stuff out there!

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EP16: Naomi Riley - Author of "Be The Parent Please" on Kids, Tech and Parenting

Author of "Be the Parent Please: Stop Banning Seesaws and Start Banning Snapchat"

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EP1: Angela Santomero, Creator of Blue's Clues & Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Our interview with Angela Santomero, Creator of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Blue's Clues and Author of Preschool Clues

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Today’s Mama

This week we’re celebrating the 5th Birthday of Today’s Mama and to kick off a week of celebratory posts, Erin is sharing some of her favorite posts from the last five years.

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8 Podcast Episodes I Listen to When I Need a Pep Talk

These have inspired inspirational post-it notes on my mirror and that have patted me on the back when I needed it.

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EP 18: Rachael + Erin, All the Things "Fall Edition"