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EP 22: Shannan Martin, Author of the Ministry of Ordinary Places

Shannan Martin Writes


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Episode 22: Shannan Martin



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Ratatouille: Watch the scene from the movie and tell us what YOUR "ratatouille" is HERE!​

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Shannan's Books

The Ministry of Ordinary Places: Waking Up to God's Goodness Around You

Falling Free: Rescued from the Life I Always Wanted



About Shannan

Shannan Martin, author of The Ministry of Ordinary Places: Waking Up to God’s Goodness Around You and Falling Free: Rescued from the Life I Always Wanted, is a speaker and writer who found her voice in the country and her story in the city. Shannan, her jail-chaplain husband, Cory, and their kids, live as grateful neighbors in Goshen, Indiana.

"I'm a wife, a mom, and a neighbor. I'm obsessed with learning to live in the small, weird way of Jesus and I think living deeply rooted wherever we are, in intentional relationships with the people closest to us (especially those on the margins) is our best way forward. I'm also a not-too-spicy salsa aficionado and eat it as often as good fortune allows."



Instagram: @ShannanWrites

Twitter: @ShannanWrites



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