EP 24: Sara Dansie Jones, The Miracle of the Yoon Tattoo

Sara Dansie Jones - The Miracle of the Yoon Tattoo


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Episode 24: Sara Dansie Jones



Simple Goulosh Recipe from the Kitchen of Sara Dansie Jones

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About Sara Dansie Jones

Hi - I'm Sara Jones. I recently found my Korean birth family through what seems like a series of miracles. I took my family to South Korea a month ago to meet my Korean family for the first time. What an amazing experience. I've actually been to Korea 5 times, the first time was in 1999 where I worked for the largest law firm in Korea. My husband also proposed to me at a Korean Palace on that trip. Pretty romantic, right? 

For most of my life, I've been hyper-focused on my technology career and raising my kids. Balancing a professional career can be super challenging. I'm pretty happy with what I'm doing right now, working on projects that I love and making impact where I feel like I can make a difference. I've been grateful to have a ton of interesting opportunities and had to reinvent myself several times to figure out my next career move. 

Sara Dansie Jones Headshot

Sara Dansie Jones was adopted from South Korea in January 1977 when she was 3 years old. 42 years later, she miraculously found her Korean birth family. Sara was raised in Utah where she studied engineering at the University of Utah and law at Brigham Young University. She was a patent attorney for the first half of her career, and now is a technology executive and strategic consultant. 

In 2007, Sara co-founded Women Tech Council, a non-profit with a community of 10,000 women and men nationwide. Over the past 11 years, Women Tech Council has recognized over 200 women executives, mentored over 2,000 college women in STEM, and inspired over 12,000 high school girls through its SheTech program. Sara also sits on various economic councils and boards. Sara is married and has two sons, ages 16 and 12.

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Website: InclusionPro.com

Twitter: @SaraDansieJones

YouTube: Watch HERE

Facebook: Sara Dansie Jones 


Silver Linings

Looking For Miracles

I took this photo from my husband's hospital room. It was dark outside, but that bright light, the silver lining around the clouds as the sun went down, that light was for our little family.