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EP 32: Kurt Beidler, General Manager of Kids and Family for Amazon on the Screen Time You can SAY YES to!

All screen time is not considered equal. Let's talk about the stuff you can SAY YES to!


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Episode 32: Kurt Beidler


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About Kurt Beidler

Kurt Beidler

Kurt is the General Manager of Kids and Family for Amazon, where he leads digital and hardware products for kids and families, including Amazon FreeTime, Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, Parent Dashboard, and Fire Kids Edition tablets–the #1 kids’ tablet in the United States. Passionate about harnessing technology for learning and other positive outcomes, Kurt and his team have worked to develop an award-winning suite of parental controls that enable parents to play an integral role in how kids access and use digital media. His team is responsible for hand-selecting more than 20,000 books, videos, Audible books, apps, and games, and ensuring all content in FreeTime is kid-friendly and age-appropriate. Kurt brings the perspective of both parent and technology innovator to his role as the Head of Amazon’s Kids and Family team.

Kurt is a seasoned global business leader with experience in the US, Asia, and Europe. He has led major international media businesses for Amazon in Beijing, China, where he ran the physical media product categories for and also launched the Amazon Kindle. An Amazon veteran since 2005, Kurt began his Amazon career as the founder and head of Amazon’s global enterprise print-on-demand (POD) fulfillment service. Prior to Amazon, Kurt was a Senior Consultant with Princeton Consultants, Inc.

Kurt has two master’s degrees in Chinese Language and Literature, one from Princeton University and one from the University of Washington, and a bachelor’s degree in East Asian Studies from Lehigh University. Outside of Amazon, Kurt has served on the board of directors for several organizations, including the Arthritis Foundation.


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