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EP15: Debbie Reber - on Raising Differently Wired Kids, Optimism and "Instead"

"There are so many ways to be differently wired, but I wanted to have a term that felt positive and optimistic."
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​​Episode 15: Debbie Reber



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Show Notes

References, links, and corrections from this episode! ​​​

Ratatouille: Watch the scene from the movie and tell us what YOUR "ratatouille" is HERE!

Debbie's Book: Differently Wired can be found HERE

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Debbie's other book CHILL: Stress Reducing Techniques for a More Balanced, Peaceful You can be found HERE.

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Debbie Reber Bio

Deborah Reber is a parenting activist, New York Times bestselling author, podcast host, and speaker who moved her career in a more personal direction in 2016 when she founded TiLT Parenting, a website, weekly podcast, and social media community for parents like her who are raising differently wired children. The TiLT Parenting Podcast has grown to be a top podcast in iTunes’ Kids and Family category, with more than 500,000 downloads and a slate of guests that includes high-profile thought leaders across the parenting and education space. Debbie’s newest book is "Differently Wired: Raising an Exceptional Child in a Conventional World" (Workman Publishing, 2018).

Prior to launching TiLT, Debbie spent more than twenty years writing more than eight inspiring books for women and teens, and working in TV and video production for CARE, UNICEF, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network. In 2013, Debbie moved from Seattle to Amsterdam, where she currently lives with her husband Derin and homeschools her 14-year-old son Asher.

> I'm a mama, wife, sister, and doer who is in love with her life in all its glorious messiness. I love to work hard (evenings and weekends? No problem), homeschool my differently wired boy (we just started year 6 of our alternative educational journey), and self-care hard (I'm unapologetic about "me time" and am devoted to my runs, morning yoga, coffee with friends, and even solo out-of-town weekends). We are a family of three who has learned how to grow together and just "be" with one another in love and respect and curiosity , sparked in large part by our decision to move abroad in 2013. Together we love to travel, hike, adventure (often all at the same time).

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Instagram: @TiLTParenting

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