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EP10: Ali Edwards on Your Story and Learning to Love a "Normal" Day

When our stories don't go like we think they should . . .
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Episode 10: Ali Edwards



​On Being Lost & Found

A Story About Two People

Ali and Rachael's Essential Dave Matthews Band Playlist

Show Notes

References, links, and corrections from this episode!

Free Museum Day

Ratatouille: Watch the scene from the movie and tell us what YOUR "ratatouille" is HERE!

Dave Matthews on NPR's Tiny Desk Concert Series:

Bowl Cuts and Looking Like Boys:

Chocolate Coconut Almond Butter Recipe {It's really SO good and you NEVER have to feel guilty about this treat!}

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Projects We Discussed: One Little Word + December Daily {You can find more information at}

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We weren't joking when we said we loved DMB.

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Dave Matthews Talks Fatherhood

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Ali Edwards Bio

Ali Edwards's passion resides in that very special place where the stories and images of life intersect. Her work includes blogging, teaching, writing, photography, and memory keeping product design. Learn more at .

In her words:

> I'm a 42 year old who runs a business that encourages people to value and tell their stories, mom to 5 kids (2 biological + 3 bonus), remarried to a partner who makes me laugh regularly. I love to read and work in my yard and travel and scrapbook.

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EP14: Hannah Slyfox - YouTube Superstar on Marriage and Learning ALL the Things

From their whirlwind romance (5 days) to marriage, to kids, to YouTube, we talk ALL the things!

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EP12: Rachael + Erin - Our PSA For the Upcoming Holidays

Don't even think about the holidays until you listen to this episode.

Jodi Hildebrandt

EP 27: Jodi Hildebrandt on the Stories We Tell Ourselves and Getting to the Truth

There is what happens to us, and then there are the stories we tell ourselves and the meaning we give to what happens to us. Here's how to shift the narrative.

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EP 5: Susan Silverman - Rabbi, Activist, Adoption Advocate, Mom

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Eli Lebowitz

EP 36: Dr. Eli Lebowitz on Helping Your Anxious Child Face Their Fears

"The world is full of kids who used to have an anxiety disorder." Find out why Dr. Lebowitz believes that anxiety is the most prevalent and TREATABLE issue that kids and struggling with. P.S. His advice works for grown ups too!

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EP1: Angela Santomero, Creator of Blue's Clues & Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

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EP2: Laurie Berkner, Children's Musician and Author

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A Story About Two People

I want to tell you a story about two people.