EP 36: Dr. Eli Lebowitz on Helping Your Anxious Child Face Their Fears

"The world is full of kids who used to have an anxiety disorder." Find out why Dr. Lebowitz believes that anxiety is the most prevalent and TREATABLE issue that kids and struggling with. P.S. His advice works for grown ups too!


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Episode 36: Dr. Eli Lebowitz

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On YouTube: Developing Confidence to Overcome Anxiety

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About Eli Lebowitz

2019 Eli Lebowitz

Professor Lebowitz studies and treats childhood and adolescent anxiety at the Yale School of Medicine, Child Study Center, where he directs the Program for Anxiety Disorders. His research focuses on the development, neurobiology, and treatment of anxiety and related disorders, with special emphasis on family dynamics and the role of parents in these disorders. Dr. Lebowitz is the lead investigator on multiple funded research projects, and is the author of research papers, books and chapters on childhood and adolescent anxiety. Dr. Lebowitz’ work has been recognized by private and public organizations including the Brain and Behavior Foundation, the National Institute of Mental Health and The National Center for Advancing Translational Science. He is also the father of three great boys.

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