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8 Podcast Episodes I Listen to When I Need a Pep Talk

These have inspired inspirational post-it notes on my mirror and that have patted me on the back when I needed it.
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I have so much love for podcasts. You can find people discussing anything you can imagine. Want to be entertained? Want a deeper dive into the news? Have a special need or issue that you want to learn more about? (I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease last year and podcasts gave me the chance to hear from so many perspectives on that particular topic.)

I even bought this handy little bluetooth earbud (it’s just one earbud, to be clear) so I can listen to podcast while I grocery shop, watch my kids sports practice, or sit in the various waiting rooms I seem to find myself in on the regular. One earbud means I can still hear everything going on around me, but it hides in my hair so I don’t appear to be checked out or antisocial. I love it.

But in my massive podcast consumption, I’ve stockpiled a few podcast episodes that I return to whenever I need a pep talk. Like a good book that you underline and keep handy in case you need to revisit the wisdom and guidance you learned while reading, (I’m looking at YOU, Rising Strong by Brene Brown) an amazing podcast is incredibly helpful to come back to again and again when you need a lift.

So here are the 8 podcast episodes that I listen to when I need a pep talk. These are the podcasts that I send to my friends and family and harass them repeatedly about. These are the podcasts that inspire inspirational post-it notes on my mirror. These are the podcasts that have patted me on the back when I need it. These are the podcasts that have helped me ACT when I’m stuck.

I hope you like them as much as I do.


Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Little: From Rob Lowe: Sometimes You Have to Get Fired to Get Hired

We all know that “mistakes are proof that you’re trying” but actually failing at something feels pretty awful. So awful that it can make you resist taking a risk, or raising your hand for that project. Listen to this when you fail, or when you need a “go for it!” pep talk.

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Feel Good Effect Podcast

058: How to Get Back on Track After You’ve Let Wellness Slip

This is not an episode that scolds or talks about the importance of abs. This is the gentle, loving, supportive peptalk you need when you’ve gotten off track from where you want to be, health-wise.

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On Being with Krista Tippett

Brene Brown—Strong Back, Soft Heart, Wild Heart

An amazing conversation about belonging, acceptance, and how that influences people and our culture. You’ll want to listen over and over and take notes.

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Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

Jack Canfield: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose

The golden nugget of this episode is a discussion about climbing the ladder to success, only to realize the ladder was against the wrong wall. (And how not to do that.) A great reminder in a world that is constantly trying to tell us what “success” looks like.

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Optimal Living Daily

#945 The unstoppable Power of Greeting It All With a Smile by Ryan Holiday

Sometimes you go through stuff. Big stuff and little stuff. Sometimes you watch your kids go through stuff. Here’s a good road map for how you could choose to act when facing a tough situation.

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TED Radio Hour

To Endure

Listen. When you feel like you ARE enduring, the last thing that sounds appealing is listening to a podcast on How to Endure. Because when you’re living through something that suddenly calls upon you “to endure” what you’re really looking for is a magic wand and a brownie. Trust me. If you are doing a Hard Thing, listen to this podcast. Heck, listen to it anyway, it’s fantastic.

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Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Little: Always Orient Yourself to North

A very short episode (2 minutes) that sounds like a tip about navigating New York City streets, but is really about so much more.

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TodaysMama Podcast

EP4: Dr. Meg Meeker, Pediatrician and Author Talks Kids and Anxiety and YOU!

Feeling a little anxious? Feeling A LOT anxious? Want to create calm in your home for your family? Dr. Meg Meeker draws a road map. This is the pep talk for letting your family slow down. Yes, it’s our podcast, but I didn’t have anything to do with it, I just enjoyed the heck out of it.

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Which podcasts and podcast episodes do you love?! Please tell me in the comments below. I’M OBSESSED.


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