You Matter

You matter, and it's time to live life like you know it.

This weekend was filled with a whole bunch of incredible moments for my family, and in the midst of that, I heard some words that I wanted to share with you.


I don't know who's reading this and what your life is like, but I do know how often I hear conversations where moms (sometimes moi) are saying, "I don't have time." ...time for volunteering, time for a personal hobby, time to read a book, time to pray, time to see a friend, time to do something different.

Hiking while 7 months pregnant.

Hiking while 7 months pregnant.

What is taking all of the time in a day? Laundry. Cooking. Cleaning. Work. Driving. Soccer practice. Cooking. Cleaning. Errands.

All of these things are ROUTINE. They are not life, they are not a calling. These are not the things that will be written on our tombstones, they are the things that Everyone Does!

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In the last two years I've found a lot of enjoyment through a serving team and a life group at my church. These are nights of the week when I'm not home to clean up dinner or tuck my kids into bed, and I'm with other people who have come to mean a great deal to me. I'm not turning from my family, I'm just including many others in my life and enjoying more quality time with my family on the nights that we set aside to be free of other activities.

As another example, I've found a personal project that I'm going to tackle soon, even though I've told myself for a year that I don't have the time. You know what I don't have time for? Dying without giving wind to something I care about. So it's going on my schedule. In marker.


The thing is, I love my family so much that I refuse to give them a shell of a mom/wife. I don't like looking back and thinking, "I used to be..." because what is that? I still am! I'm still vibrant and creative and full of ideas. Putting myself on a shelf for the years when I have little kids won't make me a happier mom, and will put me out of practice for when I'm ready to hop off the shelf. I'd rather just go on being myself and saying Yes to what life offers. My heart is big enough for it all, and the minutes of the day will stretch.

You matter.

What is your calling, and when will you answer it?


Wyatt in the hospital

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