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Why I wear a Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Rainbow Loom Bracelets Galore.
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A bracelet? Or a mobile hug?

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Rainbow loom bracelets are all the rage. We finally broke down and let our children spend their money on looms, with the strict instructions that all bands be kept with their looms and not all over the house. Bracelet making commenced, and now each child sports several on each wrist, plus a rainbow band necklace. Every day. In their class picture. At church. In a few years, I’m sure it will be just like the silly bandz, where I know look at pictures and think “what is that on their arms?” It’s a phase.

So why am I wearing a rainbow loom bracelet too? At work. At church. Driving around Dallas. At the gym. Because my 10 year-old picked out a pattern of pink and purple bands for me. He hooked them carefully, so the bracelet would not fall to pieces when he removed it from the loom. And he smiles every day when he sees it on my wrist. So I wear it, because my little boy is hovering so close to the edge of growing up that I can see the man he will become and I welcome this small way of keeping him close to me. It’s hard to be affectionate with him now, the rules are changing and we have not really figured it out yet, but his bracelet on my arm is a small silent way that I can tell him “I love you.” That is why I wear a Rainbow Loom Bracelet.

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