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Where Oh Where Has My Tupperware Gone?

We all know that the dryer eats socks…but the question remains – Where does all the Tupperware go?
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It seems that once a year or so we are buying a whole new 32 pc or 40 pc set of containers. My hubbie got one from his boss for Christmas in 2011 (as a joke because of the way he packs his lunches) and when we pulled everything out of the cupboard this past weekend there were only 2 bowls and 1 lid left from the whole set. Where oh where did the rest of it go?

Here are a few theories —

1)     My cat is selling it on ebay to buy himself treats.

2)      My cat is hiding it to drive me crazy.

3)      There is an alternate reality that the “good” dishware gets to go to.

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4)      The dishwasher has a black hole vortex contained inside of it.

5)      This is some new form of recycling that I haven’t caught on to yet.

6)      The neighbors are sneaking in my house when I am not home and stealing it because they don’t want to buy anymore (they had 6 kids instead of 3 and all but one are gone. They might just think they need  1 or 2 bowls at a time now and don’t want to buy the 32 pc set).

7)      The plasticware companies have figured out a way for their products to disintegrate after a certain amount of time. Each piece in a set has a different “time bomb” located in it. You know that whole Mission Impossible thing. Hey, if I went out and bought 20 new sets do you think Tom Cruise would deliver it to me personally?

Thank goodness the stuff that goes MIA isn’t REAL Tupperware (we all know how pricey it is these days). When I was a kid, my grandmother had a “tupperware cupboard” in her old farmhouse. This cupboard went from counter height to the top of her 15 foot ceilings. We couldn’t even reach the top shelves. That was reserved for the stuff that wasn’t used as frequently and one of my uncles would have to go up there and get it. Tupperware was like gold to my grandmother and if any had gone missing like my stuff has – well let’s say my kids wouldn’t have survived very long at great grandma’s house….

I also can’t count how many sets of silverware I have purchased since I have had children. The last set I bought was a service for 12 but had 8 extra forks and 8 extra spoons… Sounds like I am not the only one having that problem either.


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