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What My Mom Taught Me.

You know how sometimes you stop yourself in your tracks and realize you are becoming your mother
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And I am not talking about those times like when I realize I have three pillows on my bed and I hate sleeping on all of them and I need to go buy another one. Yes, I got that from my Mom, but I also got a lot of valuable things from her as well.

I have been thinking a lot this week about the lessons my Mom taught me. As I get older and as I wade the deep waters of mothering, I have started to notice that my Mother taught me some amazing things. And I am grateful. It has taken me a long time to notice some of these similarities. I have always thought I was more like my Dad. Turns out I have some of my Mom’s strengths, too. I desperately hope that 30 years from now, my daughters will also realize that I taught them strength when they didn’t even realize it. My Mom taught me these things in the every day course of simply being herself.

What My Mom Taught Me:

1.Femininity is strength and beauty and simplicity. I call my Mom, “mamacita” or little mother, because everything about her is dainty and small. Her height, her sneezes, her giggles. I am tall and I think I may have been a little loud and obnoxious growing up and I may not have always watched my language. But my mother never stopped teaching me to stand tall, feel beautiful, giggle at life’s funny moments, and she especially taught me not to sit like a truck driver when wearing a dress. I appreciate that, as I now understand that being feminine means celebrating womanhood. Thanks, Mom.

2.Don’t Let Others Manipulate You With Guilt Trips. Every one knows my Mom can make herself feel guilty. She is a pro. But the moment someone else tries to throws a guilt trip in my Mom’s face in an effort to get her to do something, she laughs or walks away. She is not buying it. I too am absolutely not in the market for a guilt trip when someone is doing it in an effort to manipulate me into doing something. I laugh, I ignore, I walk away from these moments. Because who needs that baggage. Thanks, Mom.

3.Family First. My mom raised 6 kids, and with her, family was always first. Always. Everything and everyone else could wait. It took me a while to understand this about my mother. I personally need to have outside interests. But my children will always be able to say their Mom was at almost all of their events, I supported them, I helped them and hopefully they will remember they were always first. Thanks Mom, you taught me that being a Mom is my number one job.

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4.Encourage Independence My Mom raised 6 very independent children. I am still figuring out how she did this. I think she just had to learn to let go and let us become ourselves, even if it was completely different than her; even if it was difficult to not step in and control our decisions or our paths all the time. Thanks Mom, I am trying to teach my children to find themselves.

5.Get Outside — Be Curious I love being outside. It gives me peace and joy like nothing else. My mom took us for walks, talked about the wildflowers and the science of mountains. I still remember those moments. I am grateful for the love of nature and the curiosity to discover that my Mom shared with me.

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My Mom's recent trip to Zion National Park

6**.My Mother Loves My Dad** – My parents’ love for each other is the greatest gift they have given their children. It is the gift they continue to give us and their grandchildren. They are a team and they love being together even after 39 years of marriage. Thanks Mom, for loving my Dad, even though you are opposites.

Every Mom is different. Every Mom will teach her daughters different lessons about mothering. I am thankful for the strengths and lessons my Mom passed on to me. Yes, she wasn’t perfect, but that is what makes me love her all the more. That is what gives me hope that I don’t always have to be perfect to be a Mom. Perhaps, that is the greatest lesson of all.

What has your Mom taught you?


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