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What Every Parent Needs to Know About Nighttime Wetting

What Every Parent Needs to Know About Nighttime Wetting
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I’ve potty trained 3 children, and somehow we all survived (even though at times I was pretty sure I’d die of frustration or injuries sustained from beating my head against a wall).

Oh sure, my 3-year-old still uses something for nighttime wetting, but I consider a child potty trained if they can stay dry through the day and let me know when they need to go during their waking hours and he does that just fine. Some people are super rigid about the opposite being true, but in my experience, every kid is different and physically it just takes longer for some to be able to make it through the night dry.

Heck, I know mature adults who still don’t have full control of their bodily functions (*cough YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE), so I’m gonna give a 3-year-old with a dime sized bladder a pass on that.

After a few “pee through the sheets” incidents using the other brands, lately we’ve been using GoodNites Nighttime Underwear with much success and much less stress. We like them because they fit like underwear but with the nighttime absorbency needed to make it 10+ hours through the night. He wakes up to dry sheets and I don’t have to worry about the laundry. Everybody wins!

Have you ever seen a rough-and-tumble boy wrestle himself into and out of a diaper that doesn’t fit properly? Forget whether or not the diaper can prevent leaks all night… can the sides tolerate being manhandled off and on? Some can’t. (TRUST ME.) GoodNites have five layers of protection and double leg barriers to help protect all night long—SUPER STRETCHY SIDES that will fit without pinching and stand up to these hands.

Even better? I can stock up on GoodNight Nighttime Underwear when I do my regular shopping at Sam’s Club, giving credence to my motto: “If it don’t come in bulk, it ain’t worth my time.”

Preparation is my middle name so I’m gonna take advantage of the sale they’ve got going on through July 16th:

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  • Save $18 for 3 or $10 for 2 on any combination of Huggies Diapers, Pull-Ups, GoodNights or wipes
  • Available both in-store and online. Bulk shopping online is my LIFE!
  • Ship directly to your house OR use drive through club pick-up any they’ll load that stuff right up in your car for you, you don’t even have to get out!

I’m all about my modern suburban conveniences and Sam’s Club always has me covered.

All things “potty” seems to be a HUGE source of comparison stress among parents, so let’s talk about a few nighttime wetting myths.

Myth #1: If my child is dry all day, they should be dry at night.

Totally different ballgame. Those tiny bladders get to go all day long. Twice if you’re at the grocery store. No way can that kiddo be expected to hold it all night. So, cut yourself and that kiddo plenty of slack! Your child is perfectly normal and will develop on their own timeline.

Myth #2: Nighttime wetting requires training.

As children grow, their ability to stay dry all night naturally increases. You don’t need to go through any contortions to “train” them to do it, this will happen on their own. Any parent that’s been talked into letting an ambitious kiddo wear underwear to bed can attest that feeling “a bit wet” didn’t, in fact, awaken the child to go potty.

Myth #3: They should be dry at night by a specific age.

It WILL happen! It might take a while, but they won’t go to college wetting the bed. The ability to stay dry all night is a matter of physical development, and it takes time, but it will happen! What’s important is to find a management solution like GoodNites in the meantime, and especially one you can buy in bulk at Sam’s Club and literally get it delivered to your door – no line ,no wait, no fuss!

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Ready to #RestEasyTonight?! Hit Sam’s Club for everyday value and a great deal by July 16th!


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