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Whale Yoga–For Kids!

From the time my kiddos were in the womb they have been exposed to yoga.
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Though I am not a proficient yogini by any means, I frequented pre-natal yoga classes during both pregnancies and also began taking both kiddos to “Mommy & Me” classes soon after they were born. Eventually I took Lily to Toddler Yoga as soon as she turned two.

Just recently, our favorite toddler yoga instructor, Jodi Komitor of Next Generation Yoga, came out with an instructional DVD for kids and sent me a copy. It’s called Whale Yoga—For Kids! Jodi, or as we like to call her Jo-Jo, takes the kiddos through all the most popular yoga poses while using analogies to whales and the ocean to explain each pose. For example, Whale Swimming is the combo of cat/cow poses (which were my favorite when I was pregnant), Ocean Waves is up dog/down dog (how cute is a two year old doing downward dog?), and Whale Breaching is a half sun salutation. Jo-Jo also shows the kids how to do deep cleansing breaths and teaches them the special meaning of Namaste.

My kids absolutely LOVE doing yoga with Jo-Jo, both in person and with her new video. She has unparalleled way of working with the kids; she forges bonds with them and finds ways to make them love this spiritual and awakening form of exercise. Ever since we received the DVD it is the first thing they ask for in the morning. So, not only do I get some time to make breakfast in peace and quiet, but they get to start the day with some fun & invigorating activity. It’s a win-win!

Here is a short preview of the Whale Yoga DVD.

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You can win a FREE copy of Whale Yoga by leaving me a comment with your favorite yoga pose. If you don’t know the actual name, just describe it (I never remember the names). A winner will be selected on Monday, October 11th.  Good luck and Namaste.


For more info on Jo-Jo and her Next Generation Yoga classes CLICK HERE.

To order a copy of Whale Yoga, CLICK HERE

Follow Next Generation Toga on Twitter @NGYoga

And Like them on Facebook.


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