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West Side Story, Peter Pan and SoCon11

Well, it didn’t work out for me.
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I wanted to see West Side Story last night at the Fox Theatre but babysitting wasn’t happening and it’s frowned upon to leave your kids at home alone when they can barely reach the lightswitch.

So, instead of going to the show, I enjoyed a picnic of puzzle piece “cookies” with my girls and a relaxing evening with the hubby. I think that sometimes I focus too much on the things I don’t get to do and forget to realize all of the awesome things that I do get to do. Like picnics in the living room and being told how pretty I am by my little girls.

There will always be other shows and speaking of which, I have a few things that I need to tell you all about so you don’t miss any of the awesome things in Atlanta!

Peter Pan is a live production being put on in Pemberton Place until March 20th. They are in a giant tent that has a 360° screen around the theatre that projects the scene throughout the entire show. When Peter and Hook are sword fighting on a pirate ship, the screen is a giant pirate ship that makes you feel like you’re there. When Peter, Tink and the Darling children are flying through London on their way to Neverland, the screen show the scene and flies right along with them so you feel like you’re flying. It’s hard to explain, but you can see my full review of the show here.

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SoCon11 is the South’s premier Social Media conference. This is the conference’s fifth year and the agenda looks like it’s going to be full of awesome information for moms (or anyone) that are involved in Social Media. While structured mostly around doing business in Social Media, the sessions seem like there is something for everyone no matter how you use Social Media. I am considering going (with a ticket price of only $59, it’s a steal) and since it’s right around the corner at KSU, it’s sure to be a day well spent.

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Snow Mountain is reopening this weekend. Just in case you didn’t get enough during Snowpocalypse, this is a nice contained environment where you can play in the snow, go tubing down the mountain and there’s even a kids’ section for the littles in your life.

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TrekTrax is the new Star Trek convention coming to Atlanta on President’s Day Weekend (February 18-20) at the Holiday Inn Atlanta Perimeter. There will be sessions dedicated to Star Trek, Klingons, costume and makeup and gaming, so if you’re a Trekkie, this is the place to be!

Know of any other events coming to Atlanta? I’d love to hear about them and possibly feature them on Atlanta Today’s Mama. Email me with your events and I’ll check them out!


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