Two Boys in Two Years

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Laugh at my expense when you step into my blog about raising two mischievious boys, now ages four and five. Whether the day is filled with homework battles with my kindergartner, duct taping another broken window or pride when my son learns to ride his bike without training wheels, you'll never get bored. Giggle, sniffle, commiserate!



Boys Will Be Boys

In March and April, my then-two-year-old got a combined total of 7 stitches, and yesterday, my five-year-old got a cast. I'm feeling like a bad mom.


How to Potty Train a Boy

When people tell me that potty training a girl is MUCH easier than potty training a boy, a tiny part of me wants to cry. Is this really true?


Raising Boys to Be Men

Genderless kids and gender wars are from crazy town. I want to raise my boys to be strong men. Here's my plan: Raising Boys to Be Men