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Thumb sucking

Both my daughters suck their thumbs.
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My oldest, who is seven, was taught to suck her thumb. Yep. You read that right. We taught her. We are pure villains. She also had a hard time latching on to breastfeed in the beginning. She had a tough time self-soothing, and she absolutely hated every style and type of pacifier we tried.

So we started sticking her tiny thumbs into her adorable mouth, and eventually the left thumb took. Of course, we were new, exhausted, beat down parents. So we did not think ahead to the ramifications of our dastardly deed. Plus, thumb suckers are so darn cute.

Our five-year-old was sucking her thumb in the womb. I have ultrasound pictures of this fact. While her big sister only sucks her left thumb. Our little one prefers her left thumb, but has no problem trading for her right thumb, if the left has a paper cut, or some other owie.

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My daughters could win medals, if there was an event for thumb sucking.

Our dentists have suggested we try to wean them off the thumb. Thumb sucking can change the shape of the soft palate, and make it so that the permanent teeth are at a loss for space as they try to grow in place.

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We’ve tried socks on their hands with duct tape. We’ve tried band aids on the thumbs, we even tried thumb guards. The girls have removed each and every contraption. We’ve tried incentives. In fact, it worked for our seven-year-old. She stopped sucking her thumb for a week, and was rewarded with a camping trip. It ended with her simply starting back up, post-trip.

Our new kid dentist suggested Mavala. It’s basically a nail polish that, once dry, tastes disgusting. He said that we should try this last resort before any orthodontic procedure to widen out her soft palate, as her permanent teeth are squished. We have to be utterly cleared of any thumb sucking, or the orthodontic work will be an utter waste. You can find Mavala on Amazon for less than 10 dollars. You apply Mavala every other day, to keep the potency. Always read the instructions, I always say.

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I admit, I was hopeful, but wary. We’d tried many things, but would a nail polish really work?

It took just a few days and my daughter didn’t suck her thumb. It’s amazing. It’s so easy. I highly recommend it. In fact, we only needed to apply it three times during the treatment time, and she got out of the habit. It’s now been three weeks, and there’s been nary a thumb in my seven-year-old’s mouth. Hip, hip, hooray!

As for our five-year-old, we will let her hold off a bit. Unlike her sister who stopped, our little one isn’t quite sold on halting her thumb sucking.

Do you have any adorable thumb suckers? Have you had great results stopping the thumb sucking?What methods did you use?



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