Three Favorite Indoor Activities for Kids

We’re in the middle of our second week back at school.
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It’s been difficult feeling in the mood for school with nearly nine straight days of temperatures in the triple digits. So we’re spending a lot of time indoors.

To take breaks from homework, we play games, and get crafty. Here are our three favorite indoor activities for kids.

1. Rory’s Story Cubes

I’ve written about Rory’s Story Cubes, and just recently I was reminded of how much fun we have with them when my three-year-old nephew requested I tell him a story, via Facetime, using those cubes. We’re big fans of storytelling, and Rory’s Story Cubes make the brainstorming part incredibly satisfying.

2. Kiwi Crate

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We had the pleasure of crafting with a Kiwi Crate before school started, and we are fans. I wish I was more clever when it comes to crafts with my girls, in the absence of that, Kiwi Crates helps moms like me, keep crafting organized, fun and easy to handle.

3.Think FunRush Hour, Zingo, and Math Dice

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We have been playing with Think Fun’s Zingo for a few years now, and I was excited to learn of their wider range of games that exercise the mind, while having fun. There’s something truly centering when I can gather my family, and play games focused on each other.

What games do you like to play with your kids? How are you adjusting to back-to-school?

Disclosure: I was provided the games for review. However, the opinons, and enjoyment of the games are all mine. I only recommend activities that pass my approval of quality, and provide real benefit, and fun for my kids.