This Kind of Love

This Kind of Love
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My heart was melted when I read this story about an elderly couple that had been married for 59 years and died just moments apart last week. How incredibly sugary-sweet is it to be so connected in life and after life with your partner. That’s the kind of love that people get married striving for, and the kind of love couples have to work for.

I’m so blessed to have wonderful parents who emulate that kind of love. I see them as being much like the couple in the story, always together, always holding hands, always in love. I’ve heard them many times throughout my lifetime say that life isn’t worth living without being next to one another. They each say how much life and energy that the other brings to their lives, how much they anticipate for each moment together, and how much the other completes them.

I am so lucky to have them in my life as models of a healthy marriage.

I only hope that my husband and I can be the kind of parents that they have been for me. That through our actions he’ll learn to treat women well, just like his father. That he’ll learn it’s okay to be affectionate and to show just how much he cares. That we’ll show him how to handle anger, money, and how to choose words that aren’t hurtful. That he’ll learn to build up his wife one day. That he’ll learn to be kind and gentle. That compassion will come first.

I hope that if we one day have a daughter that through me she’ll learn to be confident in herself. That she’ll learn to accept love and not to sell herself short. That she’ll try hard, that she’ll learn to treat her significant other equally, and to forgive. That she’ll have a strong desire to help others. That she’ll have healthy self-esteem.

I hope that our children are able to look at my husband and I and learn about marriage and life, much like I have been able to do.

Above all else, I hope that my children find someone that they can love wholely, deeply, madly, just like I did, and just like their grandparents did.