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The Yo Yo :: A Treasured Classic

Did you play with a yo yo as a child?
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I know I did.  I also have memories of my dad wowing me with all the tricks he could perform with a yo yo.  The yo yo is a timeless classic that never fades with time.  That’s why I love the fact that my kids are now interested in learning the ins and outs of yo yo play.

I recently stumbled upon the website, Yo Yo Expert, a wealth of knowledge dedicated to the yo yo.  Yo Yo Expert is an online retail store that carries yo yo’s from just over 30 different companies.  You can find your basic yo yo’s for as little as $4.99 while the more serious gamer might look at yo yo’s in the $100 range.  I love the variety that they sell, but what I love even more is how Yo Yo Expert is making yo yo play cool for the current generation.  As you browse their website, you’ll find lots of helpful videosranging from beginner to master.  I love that you can print a trick list that helps you keep track of what you’re learning and your progress.

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I was recently sent the ONE yo yo from Yo Yo Factory.  I was honestly impressed with the quality of this yo yo.  At just $9.99, it didn’t feel or seem cheap to me at all unlike other cheap yo yo’s I’ve purchased elsewhere for a dollar.  There are 5 color choices and two options with this yo yo…option #1 comes with an instructional DVD, and option #2 comes with an upgraded bearing for the slightly more advanced.  It’s a great beginner yo yo, and I love that option #2 allows the yo yo to grow with the learner.  “The goal with the ONE yo-yo was to bring a yo-yo to the table that was basic and easy to understand, a solid performer, and to offer it at a phenomenal price point.”  I think they definitely did that!

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My daughter is still trying to understand exactly what to do with a yo yo, but I have no doubt with the valuable resources Yo Yo Expert provides that she will get the hang of it within no time!

With Christmas right around the corner, this classic toy would be the perfect gift from young to old.  Whether it’s intention is to bring back memories or create new ones, a browse through Yo Yo Expert is a must.  They truly are making *“the simple amazing”*with their wide variety of choices and great tutorials to maximize yo yo play.

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Every yo yo comes with a 3 pack of Yo Yo Expert trading cards, and orders over $50, receive a second trading pack!  Sign up for theiremail listfor the latest news and promotions and look for their upcoming winter giveaway where there will be 50 prizes given away throughout January!