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The Safe Side
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When my “spirited” little three year old thought it would be HILARIOUS to try and hide from me in Target a few months back, I decided it was time to put a little awareness in her heart.

I didn’t want to scare the pants off of the kid, but it was definitely time to introduce the idea of stranger danger.  So I decided to let John Walsh do it.

Remember John Walsh?  Host of America’s Most Wanted?  I can’t actually watch America’s Most Wanted as it gives me nightmares, but I certainly know all about it.  And John Walsh’s voice.

The Safe Side is a DVD created by John Walsh and Julie Clark, creator of Baby Einstein, amongst other things.  Although you never see John Walsh, he narrates the entire DVD and defines three different types of grown-ups: don’t knows, kinda knows, and safe side adults.  The characters in the video are fun, but serious at the same time as they work to convey the message to be smart, cool and safe.

When we got home from Target, I plopped her down on the couch and told her I had a new movie “surprise” for her.  Thinking I meant a new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD, she sat right down.  She watched the entire movie in silence, but I’m pretty sure felt scammed at the end since it wasn’t exactly what she expected.

But IT WORKED!  She loves to point out “don’t knows” and it opened the door for conversations about safety and strangers.  All thanks to the VERY recognizable voice of John Walsh.  Click here to be taken to The Safe Side website.  Hot tip, I bought ours used online for MUCH cheaper.

Stay safe!


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