The Queen Bee of Craft Fairs Is Coming to San Diego

The QUEEN BEE is coming to San Diego!
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Though I am terrified of craft projects, and cringe at the thought of anything that has to do with knitting, sewing or stitching, deep down inside, I love crafts! I pretend to not like them because I’m not really good at them, and I tend not to like things that I’m not good at, and THAT is why I LOVE the Queen Bee Market and I can’t wait for its arrival. I don’t have to do the crafts myself, someone else does them for me!

The Queen Bee Market is “a unique and stylish take on the traditional craft fair experience. From detailed jewelry to contemporary home decor, your inner Queen Bee is sure to find something that suits your style.”

Every year I find vendors that I love, like:

The Shine Project – I gave nearly every female in my family something from her last year, including their bracelets that say “Be the change.”

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Junk Art Gypsyz – I am dying for their social media signs! (Hint hint to my family who might be reading this post…)

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Little Penelope Lane — I hired them to make the cute floral hair pieces that I bought for party gifts at my daughter’s Tangled Birthday party.

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And look at this adorable thing I passed up last year but wish I had purchased:

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If you’re in So Cal, be sure to head to the Queen Bee Market in Oceanside on November 1stor 2nd at the QLN Conference Center. There is a $3.00 entry fee and parking is complimentary. This is a PERFECT event to attend to find and buy unique holiday gifts for everyone in your family!

For more information visit or like them on Facebookand Instagram.