The Old School Family Safety Drill You Still Need to Practice

As a parent in 2017, I bet you’re pretty dialed into tech, gaming, and social media safety.
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But what about those old school safety practices? No, I’m not talking about “stranger danger,” sit down.

Like a good old-fashioned FIRE DRILL.

“But wait! We do fire drills all the time!”

I’m sure you do. The kids do them at school. You probably do them at work. When is the last time you did one in your home? I’m talking about the whole family—going over your plan and practicing hustling out the door and gathering at your meeting spot?


We’ve never done it. My kids are 9 and 6. *insert wide-eyed emoji here*

And here’s a scary statistic— according to the American Red Cross, 62% of Americans mistakenly believe they have at least 5 minutes to escape, and 18% believe they have 10 minutes to get out during a fire, when in reality…a family has less than TWO MINUTES.

When is the last time your family got out of the house in two minutes?

NEVER. That never happens.

So, it was high time we made a plan and practiced with a little help from our friends at Nationwide for Home Fire Drill Day!

We downloaded the map worksheet from Nationwide’s to help the kids understand the meeting point.

Our meeting place is a tree at the church across the street from our house.

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Then it was time to practice CALMLY but QUICKLY getting out of the house.

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And getting cozy with our family’s designated meeting spot.

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We even used the 2-minute fire drill timer on the Make Safe Happen app.

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The Make Safe Happen app also offered reminders that helped me talk to my kids about why we meet where we do and what to do when we get there.

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Nationwide’s Make Safe Happen app is PHENOMENAL resource for parents. The family safety information in helpful, actionable, and empowering. For more information and tips on holding your own family home fire drill, checking smoke alarms, and making the pledge to practice on Home Fire Drill Day — October 14th – visit

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