The Nap Nanny – The Brilliant Invention by a Mom to Help Babies Sleep Better

Check out this new invention, recently launched into the world of baby products: The Nap Nanny.
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I first saw this in a Tips N Trends ad in Parents magazine, and clipped it out as a cool product to check out.  My own baby is past this stage, but having 3 kids of my own, I knew this was a great idea as soon as I saw it.  It says it can help baby sleep through colds, ear infections, and more — but I’m thinking what a great improvement over putting the baby in the car seat and setting the car seat in the crib!  (No, I never actually did that…..well, OK, maybe once or twice.)

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Then I heard from our friends at Lone Star Baby & Kids that these were flying off the shelves. At about $140, these things are not cheap, so they must be good.  Do any of you Moms have one?  What do you think??

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