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The Little Rascalz of the Soccer Field

The Little Rascalz of the Soccer Field
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Though I am a pretty big sports fanatic, as in I actually look forward to football season and even painted my face when the Padres went to the World Series in ‘98, there is one sport I have not been able to get into: soccer.

Though soccer players themselves are typically easy on the eyes, David Beckham and my husband as prime examples, the sport itself just doesn’t pique my interest enough to watch an entire match. I have a feeling that will need to change though because my 4 y.o. Lily is in love with the sport thanks to Saturdays at the soccer field with dad, and even more so now that she is taking lessons through a club here in San Diego called Little Rascalz.

I first heard of Little Rascalz while on a playdate at a park a few months ago. Lily saw a bunch of kids her age and older, running around the nearby field, kicking a ball and having a ball. I stopped the coach to ask about their organization and he gave me their information. All summer long she asked me about when she was going to start soccer so finally I acquiesced and signed her up.

Yesterday was Lily’s first class and it was love at first kick. The only other time I have seen her smile that big was when we entered the Magic Kingdom last year and saw Mickey Mouse standing two feet in front of us.

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The coaches were wonderful with the kids and had them saying “I’m the boss of you ball,” within minutes. I was impressed at how well she listened to the coaches and how she just went balls out in all the exercises. Check out her form.

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Even my littlest one, Lexi, joined in on the fun and kicked the ball up and down the mini-field with the rest of the big kids.

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I think this league is a great way to expose her to the fun of athletics and the joys of team sports, in a relaxed environment and without the stress of competition. Plus, it tires both of them out before nap so mommy gets some much needed quiet time. Little Rascalz has classes all around San Diego County for varying age ranges. CLICK HERE for more information.


My Take on “The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom”

I was very much looking forward to this new TV show, “The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom” on TLC. I was happy to see that there was finally going to be a show that addressed what so many moms are going through. What a HUGE disappointment the show was...where do I start?