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The Fine People at Gerber

My dad and I are lucky, lucky ducks. We’re big contest winners through and through.

I’m not talking the lottery here, but my dad for example has won a five thousand dollar gift card to Tiffany and Co.  I’ve won a Dreyers Ice Cream party for 100 people.  Radio contests, raffles, watch out, we are heavy competition.

In fact, because of this, I feel so confident when I enter any contest that I am shocked, TRULY shocked whenever I don’t win.  Which is a little wierd.  But true.  I’m always CONVINCED I have the winning lottery ticket in hand. I should probably work on that.  I get very disappointed!

Anyway, the fine people at Gerber did not let me down on my winning cockiness levels when I was recently selected from what I assume to be millions of entries to host a Gerber house party.  I received my congratulatory email, saw my upcoming date, made a few mental notes, and next thing you know, I receive two emails from Fed-Ex letting me know that my 50 pound and 48 pound packages were on my way.  What?  Were the people at Gerber sending me actual preschoolers?  Lickety-split delivery and you can imagine me wrestling my enormous box into my house to slice open for the big reveal.

My daughter was uber-excited to see the deflated Gerber balloons that were included with my party pack.  But in addition to my balloons, which I will admit, did not quite make it to the party as she demanded that I blow ALL of them up immediately, there were Gerber plates, Gerber cups, coupons, information packets, formula, rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, toddler drinks, cereal twists, yogurt blends, baby food, and the list goes on.  And when I mention these food items, I mean CASES of these food items.

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I decided to have my little party at a restaurant where I invited mom friends and divided up all of the these amazing treats into appropriately aged bags for each family.  We had a blast, and easy clean-up for sure.  I spread the good Gerber word, and we all had a fun morning out.

Thank you Gerber for the generous amount of amazing products!  All of our babies are happily munching away…


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