The Children’s Theatre- Busytown

Five years ago when we started Utah Mama and came across The Children’s Theatre my heart leapt.
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“Yes”, I said.  My boys will be cultured and their wives will thank me later.  The performances are for kids 3 and older and adults with the heart of a kid.  The theatre is small enough for everyone to see and feel like you are in the play.

This month’s performance is Busytown, based on the books by Richard Scarry.  The musical goes like this: Busytown is always buzzing with activity. Huckle Cat takes us on a tour of his great neighborhood. Huckle shows us how Farmer Pig and Grocer Cat work together to bring food to the town. Construction Worker and his crew build new houses, and Firechief and the gang keep them safe. Isn’t it wonderful how everyone works together to keep Busytown busy?

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My boys loved the worm, the best part was looking over and seeing their smiles and hearing them laugh.

With 3 performances left, **(**May 28th at 7pm, May 29th at 1pm, and May 29th at 4:30pm) and only $12 tickets.  I suggest starting a family tradition with The Children’s Theatre.  You’ll be glad you did!