The Bubble Lady

Bubbles make people smile. At least most people I know — especially children.
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So when my friend, Deborah, introduced me to The Bubble Lady at one of her children’s birthday celebrations, and I saw the joy on each and every child’s face, I just had to share her information. The Bubble Lady is this amazing woman whose business is based in the Bay Area. She uses all kinds of unique tools and instruments to create the smallest of the small to the biggest of the big (I’m talking life size) bubbles, all while telling the children unique stories and allowing them to participate in the show. Children of all ages and abilities are fascinated by her performance and can participate if they wish. You just have to see it to understand🙂 To see for yourself what The Bubble Lady is all about and to book a show, check out The Bubble Lady at


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Anna Chan

The Lemon Lady

As Anna drove a colicky baby around her California neighborhood, it occurred to her that the trees heavy with luscious and abundant fruit could make a huge difference for low income families.