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The Beloved “I’m Bored Jar”

The beloved “I’m Bored Jar”. This is what’s going inside ours!
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Make Friendship Bracelets

Play with Waterballoons

Play a Board Game

Play Wii Sports

Play Hopscotch

Play Splash Tag

Make Up Stories and Record Them

Build a Fort Outside

Draw Pictures with Chalk on the Driveway

Make Psylly Slime

Make an Obstacle Course

Make Rock Necklaces

Race Jar Cap Boats

Make Potions

Look at a Family Photo Album

Have a Dance Off

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Learn a Magic Trick

Put on a Puppet Show

Come up with the Craziest Costume

Learn 5 Facts about a President

Rollerskate or Skateboard

Draw from Ed Emberly Book

Toss a Frisbee

Start a Grass Fight

Play Badmitton

Race Cars Down a Slide into a Pot of Water

Water Fun with PVC Pipes, Cups, Colanders, Watering Cans, Old Dish Soap Bottles

Play I Spy

Make a Plastic Bag Paratrooper

Play Chalk Games

Make a Daisy Chain

Work on your Cartwheel

Have Fun!!


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“Mom, I’m Bored” Jar

Are you tired of hearing “Mom, I’m bored?” from your child?

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The Children’s Theatre- Busytown

Five years ago when we started Utah Mama and came across The Children’s Theatre my heart leapt.

5 Ways To Guarantee Your Kids NEVER Say ‘I’m Bored’ Ever, Ever Again

There’s a concerning new trend with twenty-first century kids.

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The Non-Boring Lunch with PB and Banana Naan

I had recently received a package with three different varieties of Stonefire Naan

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Ok, I’m Game!

About ten years ago, when Ryan was about nine and Shannon was four, my mom came for a visit.

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My Life is Not Boring — And Neither is Yours

Spoiler Alert: This is totally a mommy/girl power pep talk. Sometimes we just need one of those don’t you think?

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Mama’s At A Glance- July

Mama’s at a Glance- July 2010