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The {at my} Witt’s End Book Group

Do you belong to a Book group?
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If not you should begin one! It’s a fun way of socializing, discovering some great reads you perhaps may never have picked up otherwise, having a bite to eat with friends old and new, and enjoying a bit of Fellowship.

{One of my ongoing Seven Realm Goals is to enhance the social joy and sense of fellowship in my life. Bookgroup has definitely helped in this Realm!}

Naturally I named my venture Witt’s End Bookgroup (after my oversized house in the hills you see: Witts End Upon The Rock {& Teetering!}. I then contacted old friends I hadn’t seen (for some silly reason) in years, new friends recently met following our move to “the canyon”, friends of friends, homeschool friends. Honestly anyone I met who seem amiable and open to my “Would like to come to my bookgroup?” inquiry.

And amazingly enough, it worked.

The Witt’s End Bookgroup has been in existence for two years now, (which honestly isn’t saying a lot compared to a friend of mine’s bookgroup – twenty years and still going). But it’s a start!

Certainly we’ve had members leave and disappear from our lives, members leave and drift back again. One dear friend of mine even moved to Australia – though I look forward to a future time when she just may return.

Our members are quite diverse in outlook, interests, social views, and religion. And we also have two teenage girls in our group now who arrive with their moms every month, just as eager to take part and discuss as we adults; lending even greater depth and variety to our discussions.

And, between the chatting and lovely salads, wonderful wraps, savory pasta dishes, and decadent desserts (including the double chocolate with chocolate mint brownies by my baker friend extraordinaire, I’m looking for that recipe…), we’ve even managed to read and discuss a number of interesting, mind expanding books.

Such as…..

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Recommended for You

My choice for this year A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. One of my favorite books as a young girl and still wonderful (as well as heart wrenching and a bit disturbing at points). I was amazed none of my fellow bookgroup members had read it, and was happy to introduce it to them. My complete review for this haunting coming of age novel by Betty Smith is right here. I urge you not to miss it!

Another book, completely different from “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”, but one of my new favorites is A Discovery of Witches, the first volume of the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness. The second in the series, Shadow Of Night, is also a great read and I’m eagerly anticipating the final book of the trilogy, and the film which is rumored to be in the works.

The All Souls Trilogy is bursting with history, time travel, fascinating historical characters, witches, and vampires – really what more could you want in a lovely, lazy summer read?

Give it and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn a try, and let me know what you think.

I’d also love to her whether you’re in a bookgroup. How’s it going? What sort of fun things (“theme nights”) has your group thought up to make the experience an even more memorable time?

I’m always looking for new ideas, and new books to lose myself in.

Wishing you Fellowship and Good Reads.

{And may your skinny jeans forever slide on easily.}

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