That’s How I Roll

Recently, I was watching tv and came across the commercial that asks that all-important question:
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does your toliet paper hang over the roll or under the roll?

Seriously?  This is the monumental topic people are debating?  Apparently, people really are concerned with the toliet paper rolling over or under the spool; there are on-line polls, the aforementioned commercial, there are even videos touting the virtues of “over” and “under”.  My friend, Crystal, told me she and her ex-husband once got into an argument because she put the toliet paper on the spool “incorrectly”.  (And no, this incident had nothing to do with the break up of their marriage.)  When she told me this story, I couldn’t help but laugh; as a society, are we really so anal?  And yes, I went there!

Here are my personal thoughts on the subject:  I really don’t care how the toliet paper hangs on the spool as long as the paper is clean and within reach.  That’s it.  Maybe I need higher toliet paper standards, but really, I’ll even use single ply.  I guess my point is this:  I have kids.  There are so many important issues and lessons that I need to teach them in life that the great toliet paper debate might be just a touch absurd.  I’d rather they be “low maintenance” than “sweating the small stuff”.  That being said, my children have come up with a unique solution for the over/under deliberation:

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So, the “bottom” line with how I roll is I could really give a rat’s…,well, behind about which direction the paper comes off the spool when I am finished with my business.  Sorry, Cottonelle.