Thank You, Kellie Rasberry – for keeping it real!

Thank You, Kellie Rasberry – for keeping it real!
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After listening to 106.1’s radio host, Kellie Rasberry, talk about her traumatizing Dallas Child magazine interview experience,  I couldn’t wait to pick up December’s issue.  Kellie’s account of the incident was so entertaining and funny, that I felt like I was listening to a girlfriend. I laughed and empathized because it was so relatable to my own experiences. But thought to myself, “Surely, her interview wasn’t THAT bad”. Kellie’s version immediately rang true, when I saw this picture of Kellie and her daughter. As one can see, Emma Kelly, isn’t smiling nor is she facing the camera.

For those non devout listeners, this single mother of one funnily described Emma Kelly’s  meltdown while being interviewed and photographed. Kellie Rasberry said the problem snowballed after refusing to give in to her daughter’s demand for cheese.  She said that she  was so mortified by Emma Kelly’s extreme behavior that a neighbor had to diffuse the situation. This meant coming into Rasberry’s house and removing Emma Kelly.

It was refreshing to hear another mom, who is in the public eye, being so candid with her feelings. It affirms the fact that we’re all human and that no child is perfect. And with the holiday season and constant running around, this incident is a reminder that we all have our days when we have no control over our child’s behavior.

Fist bump to Kellie Rasberry, for keeping it real!

– Ausa Faria