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TCU Beginning Reading Programs

Is your little one showing an interest in reading?
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Or maybe you have a school-age child who could use a little help before moving into the next grade?

TCU Beginning Reading programs, located all over Dallas, can teach your child alphabet skills, phonics, and comprehension, all while fostering a love of reading.

The program starts for children as young as four. Kids learn about the alphabet and phonics while reading quality children’s literature and playing fun games.

Older kids (1st-5th graders) work on phonics, build sight vocabulary, and learn to read fluently and quickly.

Along with programs for young children, TCU also offers classes for middle schoolers, high school students, and adults. The classes, which have been offered since 1997, are designed and taught by professional instructors from the Institute of Reading Development.

If you’d like more information, you can check out the TCU Beginning Reading Programs website. To register (or speak to someone with questions you might have), you can call 800-979-9151.

Class sizes are limited, so be sure to get your child registered soon!